Don’t resign – speak to your boss

If you are like me, you didn’t actually switch off from the tasks at hand that you knew were awaiting you on your return, but the break did give us all a moment to reflect on what requires our immediate attention, the things we should have addressed but didn’t during 2011 and what we were going to do about them! More importantly, I found the time away an occasion to assess where potential market opportunities lie for our business by researching many igaming articles and blogs that so often seem to clog up my email inbox.

Stepping back from our businesses is a skill that many of us fail to implement, probably because we are too busy fulfilling the many tasks we have set ourselves or been set by management higher up the food chain. I can’t tell you how many trainers and business mentors have told me that it is an essential part of the working week and I know they are right because on the rare occasion I give myself the time to stand back and look (I mean really look) at where my team and I are, a clear understanding emerges.

The same idea is true for all of us when it comes to our careers. I am in the privileged position of speaking to many talented people in the igaming sector and it never ceases to surprise me how many cannot clearly outline their career aspirations. Now admittedly we are in the business of proactively searching out (headhunting) talent not necessarily on the job market, so they are not expecting us to call up and ask them what their ideal job would be(!), but it seems to be more likely that they can readily and in detail tell me what is wrong with the job they’ve got. We are all very good at complaining about our lot!

So here’s an idea for you all. If you are unhappy in your current career role take time out to understand what would make you passionate about turning up to the office every morning. Find a good time to have a word with your boss or human resources manager to help them understand how you are feeling – with the positive spin on what you could be doing for the company.

Any good employer should welcome your feedback and if you are valued they will make an effort to try and address the situation.

Time and time again employees only lay out their ‘issues’ when they are pushed to do so when they hand in a resignation letter. Too late. 

There are a number of reasons why I say ‘too late’.

1. If this is the only time you feel you can tell the company, you have a bad boss!

2. If the subject of your career has only come up because you resigned, you have a bad boss!

3. The company knows how difficult and how much time and money it will take to replace you. They will wait until it is a matter they can control on their terms, therefore you are probably in the firing line!

4. Evidence indicates that a very high percentage of people who take counter offers from their employer are back on the job market within a year. It often just doesn’t work out the way they told you it would!

5. Its a dangerous game to resign in the hope that your company will want to keep you on board. Like a long shot do you?

If you have explored your career opportunities and current job with your employer and still feel the need to explore how CNA Executive Search, iGaming, Mobile & Social Media could help you meet your career aspirations in a new career challenge, why don’t you give me a call on +44 7838 206602 or email me at 

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Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit 2012

After the success of the 2011 two day event, the Mobile Financial Services and NFC Summit will return to London for its 15th year on the 31st January and 1st February 2012.

Bringing together those leading the m-commerce revolution and defining the still emerging ecosystem, the established Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit 2012confronts the challenges confronted by banks, retailers and operators, and offers market leading solutions to ensure revenue and customer uptake is driven forward in 2012.

Banks and telecom operators have been recognising the importance of a well thought out mobile financial services strategy for the past few years. However, m-commerce is now really gaining momentum, with NFC technology leading the way; banking and financial services representatives acknowledging that mobile banking and payments will grow to be a substantial revenue source in the next 1 – 4 years and global revenues brought from mobile transactions predicted to grow by more than 43% by 2012.*

Retailers are observing that the mobile will play an invaluable part in the brand experience and consumer engagement going forward, with merchants moving on from SMS marketing campaigns to the use of coupons, location based advertising and loyalty schemes. In addition, contactless payment POSs are not only being piloted, but implemented more and more globally, kick starting consumer engagement

Ensure you join the interactive Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit to gain insight into the actions of those players striving for a strong market share in m-banking and m-payments and driving the tipping point of the m-commerce revolution. With dedicated NFC streams, focussed analyst discussion, a retail working round table session, in addition to facilitated panel discussions with representatives from the whole mobile payments and banking ecosystem, this is the only mobile financial services event to begin 2012 with.


Read more at Mobile Financial Services & NFC Summit

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The mobile wallet will be very big in 2012

BlackBerry’s EMEA director of enterprise marketing Tim Hodkinson told Marketing Week earlier this month that “2012 will be the year of NFC”, the contactless technology that allows users to pay for goods and receive and swap content with their mobiles. Indeed, almost ever BlackBerry device launched next year will have NFC technology built in as standard, with many other manufacturers such as Samsung and Nokia following suit.

On the operator side, O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere have formed a joint venture to create a standardised platform for NFC payment and related brand marketing. The three are also now thought to be close to launching the JV and are reportedly ready to submit their proposal for clearance to the European regulators next month, they are searching for a CEO for the venture and are even welcoming Three into the equation.

Beyond the JV, brands like Starbucks, Google and Simply Tap have also launched their own payment systems to reduce the need for customers to root around in their pockets for loose change ever again.

Forrester Research predicts that mobile commerce will reach $31bn globally by 2016, but this forecast will be dramatically expanded if the mobile manufacturers, operators and payment providers manage to keep true to their promises and build a standardised platform for the mobile wallet next year.

Mass adoption of the mobile wallet offers brands the chance to be right at the heart of consumers’ purchase decisions, whether it be through loyalty schemes, price comparison services or display ads that can be tailored to users’ shopping habits.

There are more than 50,000 swipe and pay terminals already installed in the UK, 2012 may well be the year these tills actually start ringing (metaphorically of course).

There is of course a sound business reason to invest in mobile monetisation activities. If your company is missing the cutting edge of sophisticated mobile business to engage with your customers then perhaps you need to use the services of boutique mobile sector recruiters. CNA Executive Search can help you find the talent you need via targeted recruitment engagement techniques. Give us a call on +44 121 702 1481 to find out more or email John Reardon, Mobile Headhunter  at

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Four Times More Consumers Consider Mobile Payments Safer Than Credit Cards

It’s hard to put a price tag on security and privacy, but a recent study of consumers’ online and mobile purchasing attitudes conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research and PaymentOne found that four out of five consumers would spend more online if offered an easier and more secure way to pay.

The survey also found that by a margin of almost four to one, consumers believe direct carrier billed mobile payments are more secure than using credit and debit cards for online digital purchases.

How much more would consumers spend if they didn’t have to share their sensitive personal data or type in a long credit card number to complete their purchase? The Javelin survey finds that online merchants could add aggregated yearly revenue of $109.8 billion, simply by offering an alternative “no credit card required” way to pay at checkout.

Conducted this fall, the 2011 Consumer Payment Poll revealed that consumers have dramatic and growing concerns about the safety and privacy of using credit or debit cards for online transactions. More than half of consumers surveyed admitted to abandoning online purchases at check-out because of these concerns, confirming a huge loss in potential revenue for online merchants.

Four out of five consumers polled would spend more online if given an easier and more secure payment alternative to credit or debit cards. This indication of pent-up demand and lost opportunity for commerce was consistently high across a wide range of segments such as age, ethnicity, income, geography, early/late adopters of technology and gender, with certain demographics, including higher income, younger and minority segments displaying an even higher demand for easier and safer payment alternatives. Nearly six in 10 consumers are more likely to visit and buy from sites that offer “no-credit-card-required” payment options. Survey results further indicated that digital merchants could realize incremental average monthly revenue of $89 per consumer simply by increasing the available payment choices.

“According to the 2011 Online Payment Poll, consumers are concerned about the use of credit cards online and related issues of privacy, fraud, security and convenience,” said Phil Blank, Managing Director at Javelin Strategy & Research. “If digital merchants simply offered consumers an alternative way to pay, such as mobile carrier based payments, 79 percent of decisive consumers indicated they would spend more, driving significant new incremental revenue from subscriptions, transactions and purchases. With an estimated $110 billion in new revenue for digital merchants being left on the table each year in the U.S. alone, this ‘commerce gap’ represents a massive untapped opportunity.”

read more at Mobile Business Magazine

There is of course a sound business reason to invest in mobile monetisation activities. If your company is missing the cutting edge of sophisticated mobile business to engage with your customers then perhaps you need to use the services of boutique mobile sector recruiters. CNA Executive Search can help you find the talent you need via targeted recruitment engagement techniques. Give us a call on +44 121 702 1481 to find out more or email John Reardon, Mobile Headhunter  at

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